Your Consultation Experience

At Providence Plastic Surgery, our goal is to simply professionally and precisely meet our patients’ satisfaction with their aesthetic choices. This starts by having a candid and thorough conversation with Dr. Gear about enhancement recommendation, wishes and realistic expectations. Providence Plastic Surgery believes that the right candidate makes all the difference in the success of a surgery or enhancement. Our consultations can be scheduled conveniently over the telephone or in-house. During this time Dr. Gear or an accompanying nurse who will be doing the injections will go over a thorough analysis of your medical history, needs and anticipated results based on your current status. This is a time for questions and answers—two subjects which our office makes their highest importance. The better we know you and your medical and aesthetic need, the better we can be at giving you the outcome you desire when it comes to your results at our Skin Center. Skin enhancement should be a well-thought out decision; the perfect patient is one who is well-informed and comfortable going into the procedure. We look forward to speaking to you!